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On August 27, 2015
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Let’s say you have already been dating for a couple of months and you still can’t get that Russian girl to commit. You’re probably wondering what the problem is. There could be several little things that are off about how you approach online dating. It could be that you’re not coming off the right way, it may be how you’ve set up your profile or how you talk to the women. It sounds like a lot to take in right away but we’re here to make things easier for you by pointing out what may be going on:

Reason nr.1 – You come across too shy on your profile.

Russian girlYou may need to spice up your profile because if it’s one thing Russian girls aren’t into then it’s a shy(read: boring) guy. They need excitement so you should present yourself in a manner that you stand out from the rest.
Suggestion: Add more to the “About Me” section. List different things you’re into: your hobbies, favourite movies and vacation spots. Also don’t be shy about writing what you dislike.

Reason nr.2 – You’re profile picture isn’t presentable.

The profile picture is the first thing people see. Do not underestimate it’s importance. The best idea is to have a professional person or a skilful friend take care of this for you. You want to be looking handsome and intelligent so drop the sunglasses and strange outfits.
Important point: Russian women LOVE to take care of how they look and they expect you to care about the same thing.

Reason nr.3 – Your conversation skills aren’t too good.

Being able to spice up the conversation is a really important skill. Nobody wants to be bored when talking to someone. Be more flexible and creative with the way you talk otherwise you may ruin your chances with these women.

Reason nr.4 – The topic is always you

We get how you may want to impress this person by talking about your awesome hobbies and life achievements but you must leave room for her to talk about herself as well. Are you trying to date her or yourself? Ask her questions about her life and encourage her to talk more about what’s going on with your Russian girl.

Important point: Some of these ladies may not have great language skill so try to be supportive of her and make her feel at ease.

Reason nr.5 – You’re not being fully honest.

Sometimes when we meet an insanely attractive person we may feel like we have to make ourselves seem a lot more interesting, successful and exciting than we really are. Don’t fall into this habit because you will completely blow your chances. There is only one way to approach online dating: be authentic.

How do you feel about your chances now?

These point are very basic and that is why it is possible to forget about their importance. Just be mindful of these issues and give the girl you’re online dating the right kind of attention.

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