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So you have been dating a Russian woman online and are interested in paying her a visit. What are some of the things you should know about before you visit Russia? This article explains some basics about what you need to know. You should do more research online on your own – read about the history, the culture and so on. Now let’s have a look at what some of the things you should know are.

1. You can’t wear shoes inside the house.

visit RussiaEver. You will be wearing slippers instead. The household will provide them for you for the visit. Wearing shoes inside someone’s home is just about the rudest thing you could do. In Russia, most homes have carpeted floors – imagine someone walking all over them with dirty shoes.

2. Light switches.

Light switches are usually places outside the door. That goes for bathrooms as well. This tip should save you some time and perhaps some embarrassment as well. No one wants to look like they can’t find something that simple.

3. No whistling indoors.

Russians are very superstitious. Whistling inside someone’s house is the equivalent of lighting the place on fire. That is truly what they thing – that whistling indoors means that the house will catch fire shortly. Keep from doing that

4. Renting apartments.

If you rent an apartment for your stay in Russia, you should see a little magnet attached to your key chain. You can use that to get inside the house. The majority of Russians in cities live in apartments, and it is the function of gated community.

Do What They Do

It is a very good idea to gather as much information as you can before you visit Russia. Learn all you can and that will greatly help with your communication with the locals as well as the girl you are dating. Good luck and come back soon for more Russian dating tips.

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