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On September 29, 2015
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It can seem like Russian women are easy to get a long with but it isn’t always so. Beneath their hard exterior lie many emotions and passions. It is up to you to know what to do to get to the core. It can take a while but it sure is worth it once you get there. In order for you to be successful in this endeavour you need to know what exactly Russian women want and don’t want in a relationship.

1. Russian Women Aren’t Interested in a Cheapskate

When you read this you might be thinking that you must be very rich to be dating a Russian women. NO! You just need to demonstrate that you are making an effort to impress her with some nice gestures. By nice gestures we mean: paying for the first date is understood, getting her flowers and chocolate when you go out on dates, taking her to a nice(not expensive) restaurant and so forth.

It is customary in Russian culture to give small presents. It is a little known fact about them but it is true. You can expect gifts from her, too.Dating Russian Women

Other gift ideas:

When you visit her family, bring small gifts for everyone. The typical will do: flowers for the mother, a bottle of alcohol for the father and chocolate for the kids.

TIP: If you are still not sure about what the best gifts could be then ask your Russian partner for ideas. She will definitely know what her family members would love to get and also what is and isn’t appropriate.

2. Russian Women Don’t Want Someone Who Easily Gives Up

Surely you have heard the expression “The thrill of the chase”? That is precisely what a Russian woman would expect from you. They want to be chased even if you have doubts whether the relationship is going to become real or not. Culturally, Russian women are more reserved with strangers anyway so you shouldn’t easily give up on her. They have no interest in quitters so keep at it.

TIP(if you are already dating): Definitely do a lot of homework on the Russian culture. You don’t want to risk offending her.

3. Russian Women Don’t Want a Cheater

This sounds incredibly basic but hear us out. Women in Russia take the cheating thing to a whole new level thanks to the culture they grew up in. Once you go out with these ladies a couple of times you must be exclusive. In Russia you don’t casually date several people at a time if you want to. Don’t even think about it unless you don’t want to be thought of as a cheater.

Want to Learn More?

These tips will definitely become handy when you begin dating Russian women. Remember to put in some energy and read more about the Russian culture to make your dates more comfortable. Also check back with us soon for more Russian dating articles.

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