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On September 20, 2015
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Getting attention from Russian women may seem like a daunting task but it actually is not. Don’t get us wrong – you will need to put effort into it but what you put in will eventually find its way back to you. So how to go about it without coming across far too attention grabbing? Here are 4 good tips:

1. Dress well.

Russian womenSounds too broad? Allow us to be more specific. Russian women love to dress well. They even dress up simply for going to the supermarket. Since they are used to this – they will want a male counterpart who is interested in looking good as well. If you aren’t the type that knows what fits them then ask friends or family for advice. Also you can always go to stores where they have stylists ready to help you out.

2. Project confidence.

Nothing on this earth is more attractive than someone who has confidence in themselves. If you are sure of yourself you will leave a great first impression and you’ve already done half the work. The way to act confident isn’t giving this one girl all your attention. The best idea is to show that you have an interest in several people but she seems to peak your interest.

3. Being a Man.

Sounds amusing but it is the simple truth. Russian women are very feminine. Which is probably who so many guys are interested in getting a Russian girlfriend. Because they are naturally so they are drawn to manly men. Relationships with these ladies are very much old school where the guy can go out with friends, watch and do all the sports he wants and be the head of the house.

4. Meaningful conversations.

Russian women usually acquire a great education and therefore want a partner they can really talk to. Nothing beats deep conversations in each others arms on dark winter nights. So if you are to get these women’s attention, it wouldn’t hurt to demonstrate how well read you are. Provided that you do like to read. Brush up your knowledge about old movies while you are at it.

Remember These Points

If you focus on these 4 points you should see success with dating Russian women in no time. Note that there are also some topics you shouldn’t bring up because things can get a bit too heated. Avoid discussing money, religion and politics. At least at the beginning.

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