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Looking at the title you may think that we are very biased about Russian women but it’s not true. There are certain types of people who don’t have good intentions. Some may take the huge interest guys have in dating Russian women as a business plan. Lots of these women are stunning on the outside but known to be very notorious on the inside. We have made a small list of the more negative types and how to avoid them:

1. The Gold Digger Type

Russian womenOnline: You can detect a gold digger on the web very easily. She (provided that she actually is a woman) will ask you for money sooner or later. Remember the number one law of online dating: under no circumstances should you send anyone you’ve only spoken to online any money. Reporting the person who is asking for money is the appropriate thing to do. Contact the customer support team on the dating portal you are on.

Offline: In the offline setting it is much more difficult to spot a gold digger. A thing to be aware about regarding the Russian culture is that gift giving is very normal. If you are unaware of this fact you may make a mistake judging a woman. The Russian women who are sincere about dating you don’t have a problem getting $5 worth flowers or cheap teddy bears. They will love the gifts because you are the one bringing them. The situation is much different with gold diggers who only accept expensive things.

2. The Dependent Type

Online: In the online world, this is the type that constantly needs advice or help with something. She is always going on and on about the problems she has. It may sound harmless but it will get very tiring in the long run. Some people mix up online dating and talking to a therapist. We all know someone like this.

Offline: In the Russian culture it is somewhat normal that the women are a bit dependent since some gender roles are still embedded over there. A typical Russian woman is educated and has her own goals but when it comes to relationships they may rely on you. Where the dependent type becomes problematic is when you find someone who is far too clingy, needs your attention all the time and doesn’t come across as someone who can handle their own life.

3. The Party Girl type

Online and Offline: In both realms, the Party Girl has no interest in a serious relationship. She is probably only looking for fun. Typically this type is very young and looking for an older guy who can help her maintain her carefree lifestyle. Basically she is looking for a sponsor. This works out for you if you understand the position you are put in and expect this relationship to be short term. Keep in mind that the partying type has no plans for settling down to create a family – she is only interested in having a good time.

If you are looking for a serious relationship, you should know how to spot these types of Russian women and learn to avoid them. That doesn’t mean you have any ill will towards anyone – you simply know what you want. Have fun online dating and check back for more tips.

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