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On October 12, 2015
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In today’s post we are going to list topics you can discuss with your Russian love interest. This article is geared towards western men who are interested in learning about the Russian culture so they could date Russian women or a special Russian woman they have already found. Russian women in general are very well educated so you will want to be able to hold a conversation on an array of topics. Note that the topics don’t always have to be very intellectual.

Tell her how pretty she is.

Russian womanRussian women put a lot of effort into their appearance and will appreciate all compliments that come their way. As long as they are sincere of course. A lot depends on the delivery. Ask her about what she likes to do for exercise, then you can open up the topic of sports and how good women who do sports look. An obvious rule with this topic is that you shouldn’t, of course, overdo it. If she talks about herself then just listen and agree. If there is a weak spot you notice, then never address it.

Talk about her country.

It is always great to have someone ask questions about your country but what isn’t great is someone who is visiting and knows nothing of the place. Yes, this means you need to do research before you take this topic on. Note that Russians are very proud people so it isn’t a good idea to bring up the country’s horrible past or unbelievable current foreign policies. Ask her about her home town or where she lives right now. You can ask for the most beautiful places in Russia she knows about. When she answers this, you can suggest a picnic there in the future.

Talk about her hobbies.

This is always the best way to figure out who someone is. Ask her about her hobbies and she if they match with yours. For example if you love outdoor activities and so does she, you will have stuff to talk about for days. You can also get some great tips for where to take her on dates. If she hates everything that has to do with nature then obviously you won’t take her hiking. This topic is very telling so make sure you have a conversation about this in depth.


This concludes our little list for topics you can discuss with a Russian woman. Make sure your own answers are sincere and good luck with your dating.

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