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On May 30, 2015
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Dating Slavic women online is a very popular activity these days. There is such an abundance of single Russian, Bulgarian, Czech, Polish and Ukrainian women that sign up to online dating portals. The only thing a guy needs to do is find a site, sign up, set up a great profile and wait.

Since the process is very easy and the number of women that you could date is so huge, lots of guys dive head into online dating and forget to consider a couple of very important things like potential dangers: difficulties with predators and scammers that mask themselves as Slavic women. As a reminder we’ve created this article to help you have a better online dating experience:

Tip nr.1 – Stay Sharp

Be on your guards. Not every woman is sincere in their intention of meeting a guy online. Even though online dating sites put in a lot of effort there are still scammers that manage to get through the system and are there to scam you for money. When you encounter someone like that you need to report them to the site’s authorities. Usually those people get a ban for life.

Tip nr.2 – Trust Your Gut

If you feel like there is something off with the woman you’re talking to, chances are that there is something wrong. If it feels like she’s not really telling the truth about who she is, have her send you a picture or try having a video chat with you. Your instincts are right most of the time.

Tip nr.3 – Be a Good Chatter

You need to be able to discuss anything under the sun. You also need to figure out what level of English your favourite Slavic woman is on. Try to adjust accordingly to that.

Tip nr.4 – Don’t Get Jealous

The green monster is sometimes very difficult to keep under wraps. It is understandable that you may want to be the only guy this gorgeous woman is talking to even if it is just online but you need to stop it right there. Think about it if you’d want to limit yourself to chatting to just one woman right now? Turn jealousy off – there is no need for it in the online dating world.

Tip nr.5 – Don’t Fall too Fast

Don’t let yourself fall in love really fast. This is someone you’ve only been talking to online for a little while and you don’t truly know each other. Try to take things slowly and get to know each other more. Keep your emotions in check for now and let the relationship grow.

These are our five tips for dating Slavic women. There are many more things to be aware of so you can do more research online. Come back soon for more online dating tips!

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