Let’s say you have already been dating for a couple of months and you still can’t get that Russian girl to commit. You’re probably wondering what the problem is. There could be several little things that are off about how you approach online dating. It could be that you’re not coming off the right way, it may be how you’ve set up your profile or how you talk to the women. It sounds like a lot to take in right away but we’re here to make things easier for you by pointing out what may be going on: read more

Understanding the Character of the Russian Girl You’re Dating

Dating a Russian girl? Tips to understand her better

Before getting involved with a beautiful Russian girl, there are many things to know about her character. One of the main things is that these girls have customs and beliefs which are very different from the Western culture. This is due to the country being isolated from the west over the years. Therefore it’s important to keep an open mind and try to understand your partner to assure her that you’re serious about welcoming her in your life. Keep in mind that just like her traditions seem strange to you, she will think the same about yours. It’s vital that you both make an effort to support each other and find out everything about each other’s beliefs as these are the things you’ll be building your family on. read more

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