The simple fact that you even have a long distance relationship with a stunning European woman is like living the dream but the lack of physical presence may eventually cause a strain in your relationship. Especially if you don’t put in a lot of effort to maintain your communication. What could be more important in long distance relationships than communication? read more


Online dating an Ukrainian woman you will soon notice that little chats turn into long conversations. The conversations get longer and more frequent and sooner or later you will find that you are falling, bit by bit, for that woman. After months of communicating you may start thinking that it is the right time to take the potential relationship to a new level. There are a couple of things that you need to be aware of if you want to continue dating a Ukrainian woman seriously. Ukrainian woman read more

Types of Russian Women You Should Try to Avoid

Looking at the title you may think that we are very biased about Russian women but it’s not true. There are certain types of people who don’t have good intentions. Some may take the huge interest guys have in dating Russian women as a business plan. Lots of Russian women are stunning on the outside but known to be very notorious on the inside. We have made a small list of the more negative types and how to avoid them:
1. The Gold Digger Type read more

How to How to Meet Russian Women for Marriage

Perhaps you have decided to search for love beyond your home country and wish to meet Russian women for marriage. There are several steps you can take first to improve your chances of success.

Do Some Study

Learn a little bit about Russian culture and the country in general. Attitudes and lifestyles vary greatly between the affluent large cities and poorer, more remote areas. It is important to understand this when considering the motivations of potential Russian dates. read more

Tips for You to Flirt with Russian Women

flirt with Russian women online

Think of some reasons; why you should flirt with Russian women. If you will think properly, you probably will find so many reasons to consider a Russian woman as your date. But the question is; why?

The simplest answer for this question is: Russian girls are beautiful and attractive. They are polite and calm in nature. They are known for their incomparable charm but are still very down to earth. They are honest, kind and faithful. On the other hand these Russians are well-disciplined and educated. read more

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