How to Succeed in Hot Russian Dating

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How to Succeed in Hot Russian Dating

Hot Russian dating – tips for success

Just like traditional dating, hot Russian dating comes with its own guidelines and rules about how to act when trying to woo women. Even though the etiquette in general is very similar, there are a couple of things to pay attention to when it comes to dating Russian ladies online. It doesn’t matter whether you’re in need of some love advice or are completely new to online dating, below are a few things you should definitely avoid if you want to be more attractive to the women you meet.

1. Telling lies

Lying about who you are is a sure way to make a Russian woman lose interest fast as these women detest guys who are not sincere. When a woman asks about you, answer all her questions honestly. Don’t hide your real age, income, religion or political views as this is something that will come out sooner or later. You shouldn’t try to make yourself look better by posting images that were taken when you were a lot younger either. Worse yet, don’t even think about using someone else’s picture as yours!

Hot Russian Dating

2. Saying unsuitable things

The last thing you want to do is scare off your online partner by telling her things which could offend her. Don’t bring up sensitive topics like marriage or intimacy until you feel comfortable with each other. Most Russian women find guys who try to rush things unattractive, so you should be careful with what you say. It’s absolutely normal telling your online date you think she’s beautiful, but it’s never okay to make inappropriate comments about her body.

3. Uploading an incomplete profile

Since your profile is the first thing a woman will see as she begins to look through available single men on the dating site, you need to make sure your profile stands out among hundreds of others. It’s a fact that guys who take time to fill out every single field in their profile section get a lot more letters than men who display a profile with only minimal information. Add info about your ambitions, goals in life and the kind of women you’d like to date. The more information you share, the bigger your chances of finding that one and only.

4. Being too needy

Let’s say you’ve found the woman you’d like to get to know on one of the hot Russian dating sites. She looks absolutely gorgeous, she seems intelligent and interesting and you’ve decided to introduce yourself. After a couple of days, you still don’t have an answer from her so you send her a new email. When you’ve gotten no response after six or seven days you may email her again and again and again. Even though some women like men who are determined, others may find it scary or annoying. Think of this, your love interest may only be able to use a computer once or twice a week, so be patient. Just because she’s delaying with the answer doesn’t mean she’s not interested in you.

5. Being too aggressive

Once you’ve found the woman you have been looking for, you don’t want to frighten her by being overly aggressive. Even though women in general like men who are enthusiastic, pushing for a personal meeting too soon may make her feel uncomfortable. Don’t try to rush things! Give your partner time to get to know you better as this is what women need to develop true feelings for someone.

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How to Succeed in Hot Russian Dating
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