In the online dating sphere, most guys are interested in dating younger Russian women. Either for a serious relationship or a short term one. Most of these guys are over 40 years of age. While on the other hand statistics demonstrates that the majority(approximately 64%) of Russian women looking to date online are under 30 years of age. Usually much younger than the guys. Some may even be 18-20 years old. This is often the reason why Western guys have some insecurities about their age and they ask the question: Will my age be an obstacle for finding a gorgeous Russian wife or at least dating younger Russian women? read more

Types of Russian Women You Should Try to Avoid

Looking at the title you may think that we are very biased about Russian women but it’s not true. There are certain types of people who don’t have good intentions. Some may take the huge interest guys have in dating Russian women as a business plan. Lots of Russian women are stunning on the outside but known to be very notorious on the inside. We have made a small list of the more negative types and how to avoid them:
1. The Gold Digger Type read more

Marriage and Russian Brides – Marriages in Russian Culture

Wedding ceremonies in Russia are very massive event. Lots of pre-planning is involved in it and arrangements are made beforehand. The conventional wedding in Russia continues for about two days or a week. The most preferable spot for nearly all the Russians for having an old fashioned wedding is in the country side or St. Petersburg. The Russian wedding can be divided into two parts mainly: the Traditional ceremony and the civil ceremony. read more

How to Convince a Russian Girl for a First Date?

Asking someone out on a first date can be a little scary. For most of us, the fear of rejection trumps the attraction we feel towards someone. This can be even scarier for people who are trying to ask someone out on a first date who isn’t from their country or culture. How would you know what the right way to ask a girl from, say, Russia out on a date? What if you say something that is taken as disrespectful! Things like that can really put a dent in your dating game. read more

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