Problems Faced by Online Dating Sites with Regards to Legal Problems

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Problems Faced by Online Dating Sites with Regards to Legal Problems

Two internet sites, featuring online dating services, have taken each other to Federal Court

The conflict has come up over illegal competition, illegitimate use of Anastasia’s trademark, false advertisement etc . The proceedings are being held in the NYC Federal Court. For their web page, Anastasia takes advantage of the websites Anastasiadate along with Inspite of the belief that EM Online are based in America, they’re in fact located in Australia.

Online Dating“The company leading this particular lawsuit, Anastasia, give a service by which males from the U .S. are matched up with girls from Russia or Ukraine. New York City is actually a substantial hub of Anastasia’s clientele,” the complaint suggests. “Elena’s Models is really a strong adversary of Anastasia. It runs the web site and competes for the same prospective customers as Anastasia in the United States. “Upon info and belief, Elena’s Models runs or sponsors websites titled ‘’ and ‘'”. Due to a proxy service, such sites are disguising the identity of the owners. On the other hand, they redirect people to the website. The foundation of the false marketing allegation stands due to the fact the two internet sites accuse Anastasiadate of very carefully and indefinitely scamming customers and deceive the clientele when buying their services, then will continue to say that the accused,, is really a totally safe and reliable dating site. “The web site is designed to reveal and uncover emails published by the women who have accounts on The email messages are repeated, and report that ladies shown on aren’t really women searching for love, according to they are really females who are paid to talk with men These claims are false, and also the e-mails from the women seem to be fake. Anastasiadate goes to great length to make sure that the men.”

The complaint states that online dating provider EM Online are voluntarily false advertising, since they know that what they are saying is bogus, and that the emails were composed with the only motive of wrongly stopping Anastasiadate’s business. Anastasia claims Elena’s uses the website to showcase its own business and publish fake, harmful information about competitors. “While trying to hide underneath the cover of an independent, unbiased forum site, actually selectively picks out the positive comments about Elena’s Models and promotes that, while trying to throw other competition out of the way. Absolutely nothing about Anastasiadate is valid on this site, as it is fairly noticeable that the details have been meddled with to shed a negative light on Anastasiadate,” or so the accusation says.

According to Anastasia, has also made illegal utilisation of the branded logo design to allure clients. “Through self referential tags, while using Anastasia’s trademarks, the websites are now linked to Anastasiadate, which has made them popular search engine results,” the complaint states. Anastasia seeks an initial and long-term injunction, and treble and punitive damages. Anastasia are being defended by Richard C. Yeskoo.

Anastasiadate’s services include interacting with ” the planet’s most incredible females!” “You can’t find a superior online dating service anywhere else,” the site claims. It identifies itself as “your most effective approach to a collection of responses, real and loving ladies, 24/7 customer support and security.”

On the site, also examined Thursday, an anonymous writer claims to tell readers “only the truth” about Anastasia date. Anastasiadate pays women to sign in and pose as single women trying to find love, and are paid to do this by the same company, according to him. He claims he knows this because a woman he talked with in Kiev told him how Anastasiadate works. For chatting and emailing men, these women are promised a high wage along with other benefits. The only listed qualifications are to be 18 or older, to know English, and also to know how to utilize a computer, according to the website.

According to the same writer, the lady recommended Elena’s Models since, according to her, was a much more professional site.

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Problems Faced by Online Dating Sites with Regards to Legal Problems
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