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She Says She Isn’t Ready for a Relationship? How to Win Her Over

The dreaded line that no potential suitor wants to hear- “I’m just not ready for a relationship at the moment.” There are many reasons why she may need some time and patience, maybe she has recently left a long term relationship, perhaps the pressures of work are limiting the time she can dedicate to someone new and a fledgling relationship. Or maybe she is cautious and wants to get to know and understand you more before taking things to the next level. Whatever her reasons are, you must be respectful of her wishes, but there are a few things you can do to reassure her. Read on to discover our tips for bagging the girl of your dreams. read more

Topics of Conversation to Avoid On a Date

The internet is full of advice on what to do, what to say, what to wear and where to go, but there is very little on what NOT to say. We spoke to a selection of Ukrainian ladies to find out what the worst topics of conversion on a first date are.


Everyone knows that politics is one of those conversations that you don’t bring up. There are too many varying opinions. Too much passion and what started out as a simple passing comment could easily escalate into an argument of epic proportions. When speaking with Ukrainian and Russian women, you need to pace yourself. It is important to understand that their countries have suffered years of political and social turmoil and bringing up your opinion on a leader, policy, or political viewpoint could be construed as highly and deeply offensive. read more

Russian Women: How to Get a Date With Them

Feeling a bit intimidated when approaching an exquisite woman is perfectly understandable. Sometimes it may even seem like getting their attention is just too difficult. In today’s article, we take a closer look at how to approach Russian women if you want to ask them out. There are several relatively simple ways of winning her over. Here are some suggestions: read more

Ways To Make Yourself More Attractive to Ukrainian Women

Ukrainian women have been popular on the European dating scene for decades. A lot of Western men are after what these ladies have to offer: the passion, the beauty, the attractive character, and more. Ukrainian women embody the truly feminine nature.
In today’s article, we are going to take a look at how you can be more successful with dating these gorgeous girls. What are some of the ways you can make a better impression on Ukrainian women? Most foreign men have no idea so let’s see what the tips are: read more