Meet Russian Singles on Romance Tours

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Meet Russian Singles on Romance Tours

One can find all kinds of different services specializing in helping Ukrainian and Russian singles find love. Call it how you want – dating agency, dating service, no doubt you will find the service that suits you the best. Nowadays, the Russian foreign dating scene is flourishing and growing to the point where there are actually special tour packages which offer a kind of set up meeting or occasion for potential lovers to meet. Let us call these Russian Romance Tours.

If you’re a newcomer to the European dating scene, you might just state that this is probably not feasible. You might think that the people signing up for this kind of deal would have to go to Russia (far from home), take a tour, see the sights and then meet women as well. It sounds like this might be a lot of trouble and far more pricey when compared to dating Russian singles online. Even though this is true, thousands of men are prepared to spend the extra money to get the dating experience of their life.


Most of the costs of your trip are included in the tour price – from plane tickets and transfers to qualified translators and social functions. Meeting and dating Russian women is what you should focus on, as the dating agencies are working hard to ensure you have everything you may need. Depending on the organization, the dating tours may last twelve days or more. After all, the intent of the agency is to provide the best experience possible and leave you wanting for more.

Typical Locations

Russia is a well-liked country among tourists who come to see the beautiful scenery and historical sights. The Russian Romance Tours normally happen in Moscow or St. Petersburg, although other cities can be visited. These regions are chosen because of their scenic spots, party destinations and, needless to say, the number of stunning local girls in the area.


Russian SinglesDifferent companies offer different activities, so there’s no standard price for the services. Expect that the prices range from $2,000-$5,000. In the event you reserve your tour in advance, there are special rates that may apply.

Although these tours are primarily created for American customers, non-US clients can purchase a “land only” package which includes everything but the flight. Aside from the inclusions mentioned above (accommodation, activities, transfers, etc), the prices might also include promotions like credits or membership deals for the agency’s website. Chances are, if you meet your match, the company might help with the paperwork of a spouse visa too.

How to choose a the right romance tour

When choosing the perfect romance package for you, you’ll be surprised to find that it will be pretty much the same as choosing a tour package for when you go on vacation. You’ll want to ask questions like:

-Which package would give me the best experience (with less hassle)?
-Which tour operator can I trust the most?
-Which tour package is within my budget?

It’s good to know what you want from this experience when you’re choosing the right romance tour. This will help you make your choice. Be sure to know everything about what the tour includes – the type of your hotel, planned activities, the meals that are served, etc. Besides finding the girl of your dreams, you also want to have the best experience of your life.

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Meet Russian Singles on Romance Tours
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