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On September 20, 2015
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If you are reading this article it is likely that you are interested in the topic of Polish dating. We have put together a small list of some facts about Polish dating that can prove to be of use for you. It helps you understand the basics and also the women better. Here is a small sneak peak into the Polish dating scene.

1. Polish society is still very conservative.

Polish datingThat means the women grew up with an old school world view that states that they live to take care of their families. Before they create one they usually do get a good education and possibly enter the workplace but if the little ones come along they stay at home. Once the kids are older they may enter the work force again. Some women never return and that is fully accepted in the Polish society.
Another thing you should understand about the conservative Polish dating world is that the parents play a role in their children’s dating life. You will need to impress them.

2. Chivalry, chivalry, chivalry.

It is definitely still in and probably stems from what we mention in the previous point – Polish society is still conservative. Therefore the women expect to be treated as ladies and the men are supposed to be the knights in shining armour. You will need to pay attention to every opportunity to hold the door open for a women, even if she is very young or old. Offer help with carrying heavy bags, give up your seat on the bus and so on. You need to brush up on those gentlemanly skills.

3. Polish women care about appearances.

You are probably aware of the stereotype that Ukrainian women are among the most beautiful on earth. This stereotype has truth to it. These ladies love to dress really well, take care of their bodies: paying attention to what they eat and working out at the gym, and wear gorgeous make up. Note that they also expect their man to pay attention to his looks. That means a jeans and a simple t-shirt won’t do the trick. Definitely dress up for your dates. Get a good haircut and make sure your beard is in check should you have one.


This concludes our small list of what is interesting about the Polish dating culture. Keep these in mind if you want to ask some of these ladies out and you should have great success.

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