Impressing Your Ukrainian Girlfriend’s Family

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On May 20, 2016
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The family is by far the most important thing in the Ukrainian culture. You can bet that your Ukrainian girlfriend is very close to her family, and if your relationship gets more serious, you need to understand how the family works and what the family dynamics are like. Naturally, those can differ a little bit from one family to the next, but the values still stay the same. In this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at how to impress your Ukrainian girlfriend’s family.

1. Can’t be too sensitive.

Ukrainian girlfriendUkrainian culture is still rather conservative so when their loved one announces that she is dating someone – they don’t necessarily jump with joy. Foreign guys aren’t held in a high regard in Ukraine just yet, and families still would rather prefer their members marry locals. You are going to be asked many questions, told quite straightforward comments and skepticism about you is not going to be held back. Though it is difficult – try not to take it personally.

2. Don’t force it.

There aren’t too many things you can do to impress your Ukrainian girlfriend’s family so don’t try too hard. Excessive worrying and attempts to make yourself look good will show and give you the opposite result. All you need is to remember that the girl loves you and is taking you home.

3. Frequent visits.

Her family will want to get to know you so you will be going on frequent visits. It isn’t like in the States where you visit once or twice a year. This may feel like a lot, especially if you look at the emotional and financial toll it can take on you but in the long haul, it will be worth it.

4. Keep her happy.

Perhaps the most important tip of all is something that you already understand – it is your job to keep your Ukrainian girlfriend happy. That is the best way to impress her family. Since these families are very close-knit word of you not being a good partner will travel fast.

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