You may feel a certain level of intimidation if you want to approach a super attractive Russian woman. It may seem like getting a hot Russian woman’s attention is very difficult but in reality it isn’t so. You can win her over with several rather simple ways. How exactly do you accomplish that you ask? We have come up with 4 suggestions:

Firstly – You should put some effort into looking attractive.

Surely you’ve noticed that Russian women are very much into beautification. They usually expect their male counterpart to dress well as well. If you’re not the type who’s good with dressing up then go ahead and ask for a friends advice or go to a store that has stylists ready to help you out.

Secondly – Try to project as much confidence as you can.

Who doesn’t love a confident person? Let’s play out a little scenario – you’re at a bar and you see a girl that’s just your type. You can catch her attention with small hints: send over a few drinks, buy her friends a drink, have a short conversation, and then pay more attention to other people for a while. This is a great way to make her feel comfortable because you can bet she gets tons of male attention and wouldn’t want some stranger focusing only on her for the entire evening.

Thirdly – Manliness.

Yes. Manliness. In Russia a manly guy is someone who shows respect for women. Someone who is a gentleman. Open the doors, offer her your jacket on a cold night, ask her out, drive her home. Also some hobbies don’t hurt. For instance sports is a very attractive thing for the ladies.

Fourthly – Meaningful conversations.

As we mentioned – Russian women are so used to being hit on with only one goal in mind so they would sincerely appreciate a nice guy that appreciates them for their mind as well. She may be hot as hell but think about it – if she has the brains to match that body you get the best deal possible. You can delve into philosophical conversations with her.

There are also a few topics to avoid: politics, money and religion. All too hot to touch on right away.

Try these ways out and see if they work for you with getting that stunning Russian womans attention. Come back soon for more dating tips!

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