Grooming Tips for a Look She Won’t Be Able to Resist

tipsHaving a winning personality, a wicked sense of humour and more charm than your average prince is only part of the package. Looking smart, well put together, and classic is the key to having the whole package. Girls may say that looks aren’t everything, and they may be telling the truth, but looks certainly do make up a huge part of whether she fancies you or not. The internet is full of tips and tricks on what to wear, how to dress and how to present yourself but with billions of personalities on their planet, how can they apply to everyone? Follow our tips for basic grooming that can apply to all men of all ages and from all different backgrounds and cultures. Read on to find out more.

Get a Classic Haircut

Trends change so quickly these days, it can be hard to keep up with what is cool and what is not. Navigate this tricky territory by getting a classic style that suits everyone and always looks timeless. Ask your barber for shorter sides with more length on top and finish it with a small amount of wax to keep stray hairs and frizz at bay and you are good to go. Keep all edges regularly trimmed, and you will always look stylish and well groomed.

Keep Facial Hair Well Maintained

Facial hair is the subject of many debates; some women prefer the shaven look and some like a bit of stubble. The best way to keep everyone and your boss happy is to ensure that whatever facial hair you have on your face, you trim, prune and groom on a daily basis. Whether this is shaving every day or just cutting the overall length, be sure to include it in a part of your morning regime, and you will always look slick and smart.

Stick to One Colour Palette

When shopping for clothes, keep a neutral and classic colour palette in mind. Don’t go for anything too bright or garish, nor anything with a loud pattern on it. Steer clear of flashy logos and instead focus on tailored shirts, chinos, dark coloured jeans and classic cut jackets in dark colours. Colours to look out for are white, black, navy, stone, olive green and earthy tones. They sit all complexions and give off an air of good taste and style.

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