Fashion Faux Pas to Avoid On a Date Part 2

So we all know that making a good impression on a first date is the key to getting a second one, and carefully choosing your outfit is an important aspect of that. In Part 1 we gave you some examples of things to avoid such as stonewash jeans, pixie shoes and fake designer clothes, and in Part 2 we will give you more valuable advice on what not to wear.

dateOverpowering Aftershave

Women love the smell of a freshly applied cologne, especially if it is subtle and classic. Try to avoid covering yourself from head to toe in it, and if flowers start wilting as you walk past and her eyes start watering, you know that you have overdone it. Subtlety is key, and a small dab behind the ears and on your cuffs is more than sufficient. Trust us on this.

OTT Jewellery

Although it may be tempting to bust out the Rolex on date, put all your favourite chunky rings on and finish the look off with a gold chain, the chances are that your date will think you look cheap and tacky. Sometimes flashing expensive jewellery can have the opposite effect and make you look cheap and tasteless. Remember the saying that ‘money cannot buy class’ and remember this when accessorising before a date, or any occasion for that matter.

Wearing Sunglasses Inside

Unless you have a medical condition, there is absolutely no reason to wear your sunglasses either inside or at night. It does not make you look cool, nor does it make you look like a rockstar or movie star. If Bono looks ridiculous when he does it, then you can be sure that you, a mere mortal, will also look rather sad.

Fake Leather Jackets

A simple leather jacket is timeless and chic and can be worn for most smart/casual occasions. If, however, you have opted for a slightly cheaper version in pleather, and you now pose a fire risk and squeak when you walk, then you can be sure that this is not a great look either. It is better to invest in the real thing than to attempt to copy and fail at the first hurdle.

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