Defeating the Age Factor When Online Dating Younger Women

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On May 9, 2016
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A lot of people have doubts about dating younger people, and the online dating world is no different. People are afraid of being stigmatized or worry about the issues that may occur in relationships such as these. It is a little-known fact that the men who are signed up on online dating sites are usually older – 40 and above and the women are younger. 30 and lower than that. In some countries, the women start searching for a suitable partner when they turn 18. If you happen to have any insecurities about dating younger women, then perhaps you will find the following tips helpful:

1. Take a look at the studies.

online datingSimply look for research on older guys dating younger women. What you find will surprise you. Here is what you will discover – younger women prefer dating older men. There are several good reasons for that. One is emotional security. Older men have more life experience, they are more stable and know what their priorities are. Another reason is that they are more likely to stick it out through the tough times while the younger guys may not be that responsible.

2. We are as old as we feel.

That doesn’t mean one should go and dress up like a typical 20 year-old. The point is that age is truly nothing but a state of mind. Our body ages but that become insignificant. What is important is feeling good about ourselves and when you do no one will even notice the age difference. Tip: taking care of your body and exercising plus eating right will help you feel confident about yourself.

3. Personality is what matters.

That cannot be stated enough. It is all about who the person is inside. The most beautiful, youthful person can be mean and downright off-putting. While someone who didn’t necessarily win the gene pool lottery can have everything we want in a partner. If you are kind, honest and caring, then there is no reason why a younger person wouldn’t be interested in dating you.

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