Dating Single Russian Women – Meeting the Relatives

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Dating Single Russian Women - Meeting the Relatives

There are lots of stages to every relationship and it really is similar when you’re dating single Russian women. There’s the dating stage where you go on casual dates and become more familiar with each other. Then there’s the romantic period where you go on romantic dates and your relationship turns into something more intimate. Then perhaps, after the intimate stage, you would like to get engaged and get married, right? Nope. You will first have to meet the relatives of your partner before you can begin arranging your wedding. This is a tradition of most Russian families.

Single Russian Women

Meeting the family is a big deal to most European women and therefore it has to be perfect. Here are a couple of things to consider before planning a date with the love of your life and her loved ones:

#1: Be Presentable

When you date single Russian women, you possibly already know that they like men who are properly casual, but still have a degree of style to their suit. This is similarly true with their families. Although they may not be surprised when you pair stripes and spots in one outfit, what they will be more concerned of is if you’re a “fit” enough man for their daughter. Make sure that you look good, decent, and confident in what you are wearing. Dress appropriately, shave, get a haircut, etc.

#2: Uphold the practice of bringing something

Giving gifts is a tradition in most European countries and it’s the same in Russia. One of the best gifts for her mom would be a fancy bouquet of flowers. Every woman would love to receive such beautiful flower arrangements anytime. Another great gift that you can bring is liquor or wine. Her dad will definitely appreciate this and may even ask you to join him for a few drinks.

#3: Shower them with sincere compliments

Parents always feel delighted and proud if other people let them know that they did a good job in raising their kids or daughter. It’s the same thing when meeting your bride’s parents for the first time. Give compliments and don’t be shy to convey your true feelings for their daughter. This reveals that you know their daughter well enough and that your interest in her is real.

#4: Work your charm

Being charming doesn’t necessarily mean you have to look really good physically. It is easy. Be active before, during and after the meals. Don’t be quiet or shy, instead, offer your help, ask questions from all family members, pay compliments, pay attention to what is being said, socialize and so on. Everyone will love you for it!

In conclusion

The most important thing is to be yourself. You don’t need to overdo things or pretend to be someone you’re not. If you can show them how sincere you are, then you will be loved and blessed.

Dating Single Russian Women - Meeting the Relatives
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