Dating Russian Singles – Meet the Parents

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Dating Russian Singles - Meet the Parents

There are different stages to every relationship and it definitely is the same with Russian singles. It generally starts with casual dates to know each other better. The next step is the romantic period where you end up being more attached and intimate to one another. And maybe after that, you would already wish to tie the knot? No. Amongst Russian women, you would have to know the family of the woman first before you can start with planning the wedding.

Many European men and women value close family ties. This is especially true when you’re dating a Russian woman. Meeting the family is a big deal to them and it has to be great.

It does sound a bit difficult, especially if you’re a foreigner but don’t worry because here are a number of tips for you to consider before meeting the parents of your single Russian lady.

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Tip #1: Be Presentable

Russian singles like to dress smart and wear fashionableclothes. The same opts for their parents. Although they may not be surprised when you pair spots and stripes in one clothing, what they will be more worried about is you being “fit” for their daughter. Make sure that you look excellent, smart, and decent. Shave if necessary.

Tip # 2: Bring presents

Presenting gifts is a tradition in most European countries. One great gift can be an elegant bouquet of flowers for the mother to win her over. It’s a nice gesture and you’d have to admit that any woman will love a bouquet of flowers.

Another wonderful gift that you can bring is wine or liquor. Her father will enjoy this manly gesture and he may even invite you to taste it after dinner (don’t worry, you’re most likely not going to finish it in one sitting).

Tip # 3: “Your daughter is amazing”

Give compliments to her parents for raising up such a beautiful lady. It’s the same thing when meeting your bride’s parents. Offer compliments and don’t be shy to share your feelings for their daughter. This exhibits that you know their daughter well enough and that your interest in her is true.

Tip # 4: Spread your charm

Being charming doesn’t automatically mean you have to look good physically. It’s very easy. Before, during and after the dinner, you have to be positive. Don’t just sit down and be quiet; offer to help, share stories, ask questions, and more. Everyone will love you for it!

In conclusion

It’s important to remember to be yourself. You don’t need to make a too big fuss about things. If you are able to show them how genuine you are, then you will be adored and blessed by everyone.

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Dating Russian Singles - Meet the Parents
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