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Dating a Foreign Woman? The Importance of Knowing Where She Comes From

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Dating a Foreign Woman? The Importance of Knowing Where She Comes From

If you are considering dating a foreign woman, there are a couple of things you should know in order to make her happy. The cultural background of a Russian or Ukrainian woman can differ from the American culture quite a lot and it’s important to be aware of these differences to get the maximum out of your dating experience. This article intends to examine the most common differences between eastern and western cultures and aims to offer some dating advise to help you win the heart of your favorite foreign girl.

Know the culture of the foreign woman you’re dating

One of the main differences that you will notice is that Eastern European women do not agree with many of the feminist ideas that are spreading the western world. They don’t mind if it’s their partner who makes the most important decisions provided that he considers their opinion first. European women care about their boyfriends and want to be respected as women and home makers. They also believe that they should try to avoid disrespecting their men at all costs. For example, if something is truly bothering a woman from Russia or Ukraine, she will never try to sort it in public as it would humiliate her husband. She will wait until they are somewhere private to solve it.

It’s also true that European women start planning their future when their very young. Whenever they go on a date with a man, they will try to figure out whether he could be their one and only. They will try to decide if he can provide for them and their future family and see whether he’s even ready for that kind of responsibility. While many American women call foreign ladies “gold diggers”, it’s just common sense to do so. These lovely ladies are the most dedicated partners one could find and they just want to make sure that they can┬áhave a satisfying life. It’s not that they only date rich men, they just expect a certain standard of living.

For that reason, if you’re looking for a woman you could start a family with, it’s a good idea if you offer to pay for the date. For one, foreign girls believe that it’s a matter of pride for a man to be able to pay for things. And another thing, she will use your behavior to assess whether you’re truly interested in her or not. No woman from Russia, Ukraine, Poland or Moldova would ever offer to pay for her meal as she would be afraid to insult her date by insinuating that he doesn’t have the money to pay for himself.

Besides the two things mentioned above, Eastern European girls tend to dress in a more eye-catching way than their American counterparts. Even though their style is sometimes called trashy and overly sexual, it’s just a part of their culture to try to look great for their partner.

One can find many differences between eastern and western cultures and it’s important to know these differences in order to succeed in international dating. Following our tips will help you avoid making mistakes and clear up misunderstandings so you could have a healthy relationship with your favorite online lady.

Dating a Foreign Woman? The Importance of Knowing Where She Comes From
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