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Everyone knows that women love to compliments at all times, but how can you be sure you are giving her the right complements? And what topics should you avoid to ensure you are not insulting her? It is a minefield of potential pitfalls so thankfully we are here to give you the AnastasiaDate guide to complimenting a woman successfully.

AnastasiaDateBe Genuine at All Times

Try to remember that not all compliments are good complements and women will see you coming a mile off if there is something disingenuous about your remarks. Don’t just say things because you think it is what they want to hear, make sure every word that comes out of your mouth is genuine and based on an actual observation you have done and can back up if questioned about.

Don’t be Sleazy

When presented with a beautiful woman, it can be difficult to control what comes out of your mouth. But please remember that not every thought that rushes through your mind and that some things are better left unsaid. To pass comments on certain aspects of her anatomy and what you want to do to her is perceived a rude, invasive, sexist and creepy. It is not acceptable, and you are likely to get a sharp retort from her, or in some cases even a slap in return. Stick to the rule that if you couldn’t any it in the presence of your mother without a raised eyebrow, do not say it at all.

Compliment Her On Her Mind

All women want to be told that they are beautiful and look incredible but please remember that looks aren’t everything. Be sure to compliment her on her mind, her intelligence, her opinions and other non-physical aspects of her personality. No woman wants to feel that you are only with her for her looks so make sure she knows that you find her just as wonderful on the inside, as you do on the outside.

Choose Your Words Carefully

When giving a compliment on a new haircut, a new outfit or some recent weight loss, make sure not to use a phrase that implies she looked bad before. By all means, you want her to know that she looks fantastic but be careful how you word it as it may seem that you did not like how she was before, and this easy to make a mistake can cost you dearly.

Stick to these guidelines from AnastasiaDate and be sure to impress with every word that you say.

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