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On July 24, 2015
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Let’s say you’ve been in online dating for a long time, you already know that sometimes it happens that women just go cold out of nowhere. One day are in the middle of a video conference expressing your romantic feelings towards each other, talking about future plans of meeting up. The next day you are just staring at your own messages you sent her a couple of days ago and there is no response.

This happens more than we would like to think, but there are some things you can do to alleviate the situation when you notice your Russian date has turned a little cold towards you.

1. Don’t Draw Conclusions

It is easy to muster up the most negative scenario possible and over dramatize the situation. “She doesn’t care”, “She found someone else”, “Something bad happened to her”, and so on. Forget about all of this and give her some slack. Perhaps she got busy at work or in Russian dateschool or some family crisis emerged. Don’t let yourself jump to foolish conclusions and have them destroy the connection you two have.

2. Be as Objective as You Can Be

Now that you have managed to calm yourself down, have an objective look at the situation. Look at it from her perspective, from yours, from a bystander and so on. Where in the relationship do you feel you currently are? Do you know where she is? Perhaps you aren’t as serious as you thought you two were. Perhaps you should give her time to breath and see what happens.

Sign up to a Russian dating online forum where you can meet other who have been in your situation and find support and advice from them. Doing that will level your head more.

3. Accept and Move On if Need Be

There are some situations that you have to accept, even if you don’t really want to. It is difficult to be very specific because every situation is different but some signs let you know that it is time to move forward:

*Your date hasn’t replied in a month.
*When you notice she is online but is ignoring you.
*When your gut has been telling you to move on for some time.

The Brighter Side

There is a silver lining to this even if it doesn’t feel like that at the present time. You learned a valuable lesson in life and not just that: there are plenty of amazing, gorgeous, smart Russian women you can date online. Keep your head up and keep searching.

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