Advantages of Online Dating

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Advantages of Online Dating

Websites providing mail-order brides from Eastern Europe are in-combat in Federal Court. Anastasia International accused EM Online Ltd. dba Elena’s Models with brand name violations, incorrect advertising, tortious interference and unfair competition, in the New York Federal Court. For their internet site, Anastasia employs the internet domain names Anastasiadate in addition to Regardless of the misunderstanding that EM Online are based in the United States, they are really operating out of Australia.

“The Plaintiff provides an international online dating service which, for a fee, matches adult men in the US with females located in Russia and Ukraine. The most highly targeted part of the United States is The Big Apple”, states the report. “And so, both online dating sites concentrate on the very same spot, which means that both are competing for the same prospective customers, with regards to the U.S Market. By means of our analysis, it is now clear that ‘anastasiadatefraud’ and ‘’ are both websites created by Elena’s Models to put a stain on Anastasia’s track record . Due to a proxy service, such sites are disguising the identity of their owners. To make matters even more dubious, these web sites reroute whoever is viewing them to These sites try to put Anastasia in a bad light by blaming the site of fraud to the clientele, as a result of site “being a fraud”, and after that recommends Elena’s Models as an alternative. “The website proposes to show extracts from e-mails authored by women with user profiles on The email messages are duplicated, and report that ladies shown on aren’t really women trying to find love, according to they’re just girls who are paid to chat with men The emails from the women are evidently fake, making these claims false. Anastasiadate’s priority is to make certain that all the females in the site’s service are authentic girls who are trying to find love.”

Elena’s Models knows the claims it makes on anastasiadatefraud are not true, and had the emails written specifically to harm Anastasia’s business, the complaint states. As outlined by Anastasia, Elena’s Models is making use of its other site,, to hurt other businesses and advertise its very own, in a really unfair way. “The website, whilst pretending to be an independently made forum for the exchange of information about international online dating services, in reality is just choosing and posting negative details about Elena’s Models’ competitors (including Anastasia) and positive reviews about Elena’s Models service. The site contains false information about customers’ use of the Anastasiadate service which .. has been manufactured by Elena’s Models,” the complaint states.

Anastasia claims that infringes on its copyrighted logo to swipe potential customers. “Using metatags using the Anastasiadate graphics, defend[ant] has situated both web pages in order that they appear at or near the top of any web search for Anastasiadate,” the accusation says. Anastasiadate are seeking a cease and desist charge for the actions of EM Online. Yeskoo Hogan & Tamlyn’s Richard C. Yeskoo is standing for the plaintiff.

Online gives American men the ability to meet “some of the planet’s most breathtaking women!” “Anastasiadate provides the world’s greatest online dating┬áservice,” according to the site. It describes itself as “the easiest method to find real women online, using the best consumer protection entirely on a dating site.”

On the site, also checked Thursday, an unknown writer says he will inform readers “only the truth” about Anastasia date. Anastasiadate pays women to log in and pose as single women searching for love, and are paid to do this by the same company, according to him. He claims he knows this because a woman he chatted with in Ukraine explained to him how Anastasiadate works. He claims the third-party agencies offer women “high profits and flexible schedule” to email and chat with American men. The criteria needed for this type of “job” are: to be over 18 years of age and to be literate in English and in computers.

The woman could have been working for Elena’s Models, as she actually advised the website to him!

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Advantages of Online Dating
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