6 Questions You Should Never Ask Slavic Women

Slavic women are from countries such as Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Russia, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia (just to name a few). If you would like to meet women from these regions you must know how to approach them and how to interact with them. You need to inform yourself about their culture and be aware of it when communicating with them. slacivwomen

How to approach certain women on the web is a broad topic but just to get you started, we will begin with 6 questions one definitely shouldn’t ask(because they may be offensive):

Question #1: How come you don’t have a boyfriend?

Sounds like a harmless question but it isn’t. It sounds as if you are saying that there is something wrong with her – she is too picky, too stuck up or arrogant and she doesn’t give anyone a chance. Even if she is a bit picky that is solely her business and consider this – you are no different. You’re on a dating site looking for women with specific features: long hair, pretty blue eyes, fit body and so on.

Question #2: How did you get this pretty?

This question may seem harmless as well but you should know that the natural beauty of Slavic women is known all over the world so basically you are saying she must work hard to make herself beautiful. Of course you don’t mean it that way at all but that’s how it comes across.

Question #3: What were your past relationships like?

There are several versions of this question like, “how did your last relationship end?” or much worse: “why did your last relationship end?”. Don’t even think about asking this. Nobody wants to discuss their relationship history with someone they just met online.

Question #4: Is there something wrong with guys in your country?

You may think this sounds harmless and you may ask this jokingly but you can bet she won’t find it amusing. It sounds as if you are saying she can’t get a herself a boyfriend over there and she is looking for someone online for that reason. Imagine if someone asked you the same question.

Question #5: What are your political views?

We have mentioned in previous posts that due to these nations’ recent history people have incredibly strong opinions regarding politics. Your opinions about how the government should be run may radically differ and it may become a deal breaker.

Question #6: Have you had several foreigner boyfriends?

This should be a very obvious no-no. This question is far too personal. Not to mention it’s offensive and that especially for women from that region. Be a gentleman.

Do more research

We have explained only a few of the questions you should never ask. Do more research on the web and familiarize yourself with that culture as best as you can. For now you can simply be a gentleman – a good mannered guy who has respect for her.
We hope you found this article helpful and don’t forget to return for more great tips that can help you get the woman of your dreams.

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