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On December 19, 2015
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Russia is a very popular destination. Lots of people also move there for school or work or to be with their partner. If you are planning to visit of move there, be it for awhile or for longer, and then you are in for a treat. Russia has a rich culture and history. The people are great to be around, and the women are notoriously beautiful.

There are many important things you need to pay attention to when planning your trips. This article offers a small list of 5 strange things that may surprise you about the country. When visiting Russia and dating the local women, prioritize learning as much as you can so you don’t mess up when you get there.

1. You can’t wear shoes inside the house.

visiting RussiaWhich is the opposite of what we are used to in the west. In Russia, you will be offered slippers for moving around in the house or apartment. Note that you can’t keep the slippers. They just were borrowed to you. Leave them by the front door.

2. The light switch for the bathroom.

Without this information, you would find yourself in the bathroom desperately looking for the light switch. The switch is typically outside the door. Knowing this will save you from embarrassment and also save your time.

3. Whistling inside the house.

We are used to whistling while doing chores or while in the shower. In Russia, however, that is a huge no-no. Whistling indoors is thought to bring bad luck to the household. So avoid doing that.

4. Renting an apartment?

Check your keys for a little magnet. We don’t mean a magnet for the fridge. It is a key to unlock the door to the apartment building. Even in small countryside towns, a lot of Russians live in apartment buildings and everyone has their key. If you don’t have one, then have a Russian friend showing you one of them.

5. Small vacation or a business trip?

Simply kissing your loved ones and marching out the door won’t do the trick here. Before you leave, you need to gather everyone in the living room and sit together for a moment. The goodbyes you say need to be done inside the house of flat. It is a very well-known tradition: Russians believe that it will bring you back home safely.


When visiting Russia to meet up with your Russian girlfriend or even going there on business, it is important to remember these tips. That way you show respect to their culture.

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