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So you have an eye on a Russian hottie and are wondering how she may feel about you. How to tell if she is flirting back or simply being nice? It’s good to know that the Russian dating scene is much more straightforward than it is in the States where people may flirt even if they have no actual interest in you. Russian women are more conservative than that and only show signs of being interested in someone if they actually are.

So how can you tell if your Russian hottie is flirting back?

You haven’t spoken to her just yet:

Russian hottieIf you started off by smiling at her in a bar or a cafe, the way these ladies usually exhibit interest is by simply glancing at you every now and then. When your eyes meet, you may get a smile. That is basically a go-signal for you to approach her. When this happens in a bar, buy her and her friends a drink. If at a coffee shop, then get her coffee. You catch the drift.

TIP: You should pick the location of meeting someone based on who you want to meet. If you’re at a bar at 2 o’clock at night you are obviously looking to have some fun. If you’re at a coffee shop of your University then it is much more likely you can meet someone who is interested in a more serious relationship.

Body language – often these ladies flirt like every other woman on the planet. They flip their hair, cross their legs and so on. You better have a good compliment you can give her and make sure it is sincere. There is also the usual playing wit her jewellery and playing with words. Coy comments and so on.

You have already spoken to her:

If you’ve met her already then the best way to tell if she is interested is to bluntly ask her out. If you don’t want to be so straightforward then you can ask her to go out with you and a bunch of friends. If that goes well then later on you can ask her out for a date. When she smiles a lot, touches your hand or shoulder – these are clear indications that she is flirting back.


Getting the attention of a Russian hottie is a dream come true for some guys. What you need to do is remember these tips, use them and project as much confidence as possible. Also don’t be discouraged if you don’t get what you want right away. These women are used to being pursued and only go with those who stick with it. Good luck and come back soon for more Russian dating tips.

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