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On July 7, 2015
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Russian women end up in tons of situations where they are hit on. It is understandable why guys would want to do that – these ladies are gorgeous, have hourglass shaped bodies and a passionate temperament. Everything that makes them attractive to guys. They do love the attention but only as long as the person offering them attention is a gentleman. The issue here is that lots of people aren’t and what makes them so off-putting for these women is the awful questions they ask. Here is a list of questions you should not bore a hot Russian woman with:

1. What accent do you have?  

Russian womanRussian women are very proud of where they are from and the Russian accent is also quite famous. Refrain from guessing where she is from. Try to randomly figure that out in conversation. Definitely don’t guess using other country’s names. There is nothing wrong with for example being French or German but Russian women simply don’t appreciate the “Guess her accent” game.

Note that Russian women aren’t the only ones who aren’t happy when they hear this question. Same goes for every girl. Just engage her in a conversation and have her reveal where she is from.

2. Are you a spy?

We get it – you’re trying to be amusing because of all of the Hollywood films where hot Russian women are always spying in America for the benefit of Russia. We suggest you update your pick-up line vocabulary.

3. Do you drink a lot of vodka?

Everyone knows that the number one drink in Russia is vodka and they drink it at every occasion in the book. The thing is that not everyone loves to drink. Sometimes it is impolite not to accept a shot at an important family occasion but you shouldn’t assume, even jokingly, that all Russian ladies drink.

4. Are you from St Petersburg or Moscow?

This is very similar to trying to guess her accent. Russia is enormous and just because you meet her in one of those cities doesn’t mean she is from there. You won’t be impressing her with your “knowledge” of geography like this. You can simply ask “Where are you from?” instead of naming any cities.

5. Are all Russian girls blonde?

This doesn’t come across as funny. Not all Russian girls can be blonde and just because you have seen many of them doesn’t mean everyone is. It is yet another stereotype about Russian women that they are so tired of hearing about.

Any other questions?

If you have more to add to our list of questions feel free to do so in the comment section below. In the meantime remember not to ask these five annoying questions.

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