Nowadays, more and more foreign men are interested in dating Ukrainian women. This trend isn’t surprising considering how gorgeous these ladies are, but what do we really know about them and their culture? What is the dating scene like? What kind of treatment do they expect? What are their views on life?

Question 1. – How is it possible that so many Ukrainian women are really attractive?

Ukrainian ladies love to put emphasis on their femininity. Expressing their good looks and working to maintain it is very common in Ukraine. These ladies love everything from make-up to hear products and working out. Also the junk food culture hasn’t thankfully reached that part of the world just yet. These ladies know how to stay healthy.

Question 2. – Are all Ukrainian ladies so distant and cold?

Absolutely not. It just isn’t very common to be very open to people that you’ve just met. You need to put in time and effort to get them to open up but once you do – it is worth it! Once you get to the flirtatious level with a Ukrainian woman you will not want to go back.

Question 3. – What kind of attitude do these women have?

Every person isn’t the same but usually they are very feminine and also fun, carefree, spontaneous and emotional. That is something that is very natural in that part of the world. Usually they are looking for a more masculine counterpart so you have the perfect opportunity to be a gentleman and a green light with trying to impress them. Your efforts will be appreciated.

Question 4. – Are these women really submissive?

The answer depends on how you view submissive behaviour. If you think it means that the guy makes all the decisions in a relationship then the answer is no. They want someone who is decisive and strong but not overbearing. You have to be respectful and see them as partners but defend your point of view and stand up for yourself. If you think it means that they are ready to take on the role of a caregiver, a wife and lover while still maintaining her space then the answer is yes. These ladies aren’t helpless, they can take good care of themselves but also love to take care of others.

Question 5. – Why do so many of them look for partners from the West?

The answer is quite simple: because it works! Ukrainian women and Western men are just very compatible. Due to the effect of strong gender roles in Ukraine, the women allow themselves to be feminine and that is very attractive to Western guys who want to create a family with a loving, caring person who wants to settle down. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect match for you?

More tips on the way!

There many more interesting things to learn about Ukrainian women but these five will give you a pretty good idea what they’re really like. Come back soon for more Ukrainian dating tips!

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