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On October 6, 2015
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If you are interested in dating Russian women then you need to be aware of what the Russian dating culture is like. Otherwise you will not have success in it. Simple as that. Applying what you normally do in your country when dating does not work with someone from a different culture. There is good news for you though. It isn’t very complicated and you can get some knowledge about how to go about thing. Read out five tips.

1. The Myth of the Alpha Male

Russian datingIt is a very common misconception that it is the alpha male that dominates in dating everywhere and especially so with Russian women. In reality it isn’t true. In Russia, men can dress up, get emotional and like beautiful love songs without being seen as feminine. The same thing would apply to you. You are almost expected to show emotion, not pound your chest and act like a tough guy. The last two are a definite way to drive off Russian ladies.

2. Presents, Candles, Poems

This is an important thing to keep in mind. Some guys may have gotten away with just watching movies and rarely giving flowers, but it won’t work in the long run. Russian culture involves a lot of gift giving and plenty of romance. That isn’t to imply that Russian ladies are only interested in your wallet. It is just something that is embedded into their culture.

3. You are Expected to Pay

That sounds very old fashioned but it is still true in lots of places of the world. The women are more than capable of paying for themselves but it is part of the gentlemanliness that they are used to. If you’ve been around each other for a while then occasionally it makes sense to split the bill.

4. Regular Women

A lot of men have a misconception that Russian women only wear high heels, short skirts, wear a lot of making and look dolled up all the time. While there is a number of them out there, there are also many that look like every other adorable girl with an enchanting accent. Every woman is special in her own way. Even if they aren’t all Barbies you will still find a gorgeous woman to date.

5. Don’t Try Too Hard to Impress

Even though we did mention that it is important to be romantic and sweet with Russian women to impress them. But note that you need to find a balance between doing that and trying too hard. In the Russian dating culture, most guys aren’t overzealous in the initial stages of any relationship. That may sound strange to you, as you are used to that being expected of you. These ladies, however, are turned off by someone pushing it too far. It makes them seem like they are in for it for the wrong reasons.

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