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Women from different cultures are very unique. Each of them has their own flavour. Polish women are very different from the western women and if you are interested in dating them there are a couple of things you need to be aware about. Here are some tips about what to remember when dating Polish ladies:

1. Bring Her Flowers, Especially on Women’s Day

Polish women are very feminine and happy to be so. They have been raised in an environment where they have been treated like princesses and they have an expectancy of men being chivalrous. In light of that – flowers will surely make her feel like she is important to you.
There are many occasions that require flowers: birthdays, anniversaries, birthdays and so on. Another occasion you must mark down in your calendar as flower day is the International Women’s Day, celebrated every March 8th. This day is celebrated in the west as well but not nearly as much as in Eastern Europe. Be prepared. dating Polish ladies

2. Chivalry Must Still be Alive

Polish women are raised in a culture that is still rather conservative and they are still viewed as the weaker sex. Therefore you must be a perfect gentleman: offer to carry her bag, open doors, give her small presents, help her to her set at restaurants, offer her you coat on cold evenings. If you were raised in a western culture then this may mean you have to work on it a bit. Western women don’t expect prince charming as much as eastern women do.

3. Try Winning Over Her Mother

Mothers are very protective of their daughters in Poland and that stems from the country’s difficult history. These women have heard so many negative stories about western men travelling to eastern European countries to get a wife who is very submissive. The mail order bride situation is still a big issue in Poland. Try your best to show her that your intentions are good. Tone down your assertive attitude even if it’s what you are used to back home.

4. Polish Women are Affectionate

When you start dating a Polish woman you will notice very quickly that she is very affectionate. When you go out together you are expected to hold her hand. When you walk in narrow streets or at night you must walk with your arm around her to make her feel safe.

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