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On December 23, 2015
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Everyone has an idea in their head about what kind of a person they want to be with. That doesn’t exclude Ukrainian women. The general understanding of what these women are looking for is that they are after Prince Charming – a wealthy, good looking guy who has a perfect physique. But that is not what our research concludes. Let us give you insight into what Ukrainian women are actually after.

1. Someone who is sensitive.

Ukrainian womenUnfortunately there are several negative words attached to the word “sensitive”. That is if we are talking about men. Society still frowns upon men being sensitive and they can be called “soft, “feminine” and the like. But sensitive is exactly what these ladies are looking for – someone who is caring, who listens to them. There are also some positive words that describe it much beter – “understanding”, “empathetic”.

2. Someone who can take charge.

The title may make you feel like the first point is in valid. Allow us to explain. What we mean here is that when times get tough for her, she needs you to be ready to take over. Take the lead and help her through the hard times. Being someone who she can rely on is key here.

3. Someone who can provide.

Point number three is about having a family. Ukrainian women usually have a great education and are interested in a career. But when it is time to create a family, they typically want to stay at home with theb baby(or babies). That is why being a provider is important. Once the kids are bigger, women usually enter the workplace again.

4. Someone who respects them.

Respect is key in the Ukrainian society and if you want to date Ukrainian women then you need to have respect for them. That means respecting her ambitions in live, respecting her as a partner, taking her opinion into account and so on. If you expect to have your space – you better believe that she should have the same.


These are some basic tips for what you need to know about Ukrainian women. If you are interested in online dating and international dating it is important to do as much research online as you can. It will help you be successful with your dates. Good luck.

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