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Let’s say you’ve spotted this amazingly beautiful Polish woman. Now you need to figure out hoe to approach her and how to impress her. The dating cultures in the West and in the East are quite different so you need to get some info on how to get the result your after.

Here is a list of 4 things you can do to impress a Polish woman:

Suggestion no. 1 – Be as much of a gentleman as you can

Polish women grow up in a society where the gender stereotypes are still prevalent. Chivalry is still held in high regard and women are used to the guys opening doors, escorting them, helping them to their seat at a restaurant. In order to impress your gorgeous Polish partner you need to remember these points. It may seem cheesy for you but you will look like a complete redneck if you don’t comply. Also read up on Polish etiquette so you know that a kiss on both cheeks is the greeting tat is expected but can never be done on a first meeting. You can bet that your date will notice these gestures and appreciate them. Polish woman

Suggestion no. 2 – Always bring flowers. Always.

This is a common practice across the world but even more so in Ukraine where the ladies will be expecting you to bring them flowers quite often and especially so on the first meeting. Always remember to ask the florist for advice because different flowers mean different things in Poland.

Suggestion no. 3 – Offer to carry anything she may be holding.

Guys in Poland are taught to offer assistance when it comes to carrying things for women. They can do that even without having romantic interest in that woman. It is just a sign of very good manners. So always remember to offer your help when you see her carrying something, be it heavy or not. Don’t worry about overselling it. These mannerisms are expected of you.

Suggestion no. 4 – Treat her like a lady throughout your dating.

How? You offer to take her coat and help her to her seat before you sit. You pour her drinks first, then fill up your glass. You pay. You politely ask about her preference for dinner and then place it before yours. In short: ladies come first. While you are waiting on dinner you can ask her about her life, her hobbies, her future plans. Listen to her sincerely and share some of the same information about yourself. Keep the conversation light and stay away from topics like politics, the latest news and so on. Show that she has all your attention.

In conclusion

There are similarities between the 4 tips on how to impress your Polish woman – show her how much of a gentleman you are. Try these tips out yourself and see how great they work for you. Come back soon for more European dating tips.

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