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So you have met a fascinating Polish woman, and you want to go on a date with here. That leads you to thinking how yo impress her. You need to gain knowledge of what the Polish dating culture is like and we are here to help you out with a small list. So what are some of the things you need to know about the Polish dating culture?

1. You must be a gentleman.

Polish womanChivalry is still highly valued in the Polish culture, and that means the ladies are used to being treated very well. Being a gentleman means opening doors, escorting her and paying for the dates. It doesn’t need to look like you’re living in a fairytale – it should make her feel appreciated.
A good tip is to read about Polish etiquette online, so you know the basics.
Example: a kiss on both cheeks is an entirely normal way of greeting once you have gotten to know someone. Don’t do it with the woman at your first meeting.

2. Flowers. Always!

You are expected to bring flowers on a date. If you want to continue to impress your lady, then do this often. A nice bouquet of the first date, some roses on the second one. If you need help, ask a florist to set something nice up – different flowers have different meanings.

3. Offering to carry things.

A truly gentlemanly thing to do is to offer help with carrying parcels or bags. This is done in Poland even without having any romantic interest in the person. It is just the way people were raised there. Pay attention to her needs and offer help when it is needed – the most important thing is that she is comfortable.

4. Treat her like a lady.

Treat her like a lady always. Not just at the beginning – it is expected all the time and in simple things. Like pouring her drink first, then taking care of yourself – ladies come first in everything.


Follow these tips on how to impress a Polish woman and you will do great. It never hurts to do more research on your own. Come back soon for more Polish dating tips.

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