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In all cultures there are many fun superstitions and beliefs tied to the big event of a wedding. In the west there is the “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”, the bouquet throwing and garter belt and so forth. In Asia, the happy couple is showered with rice as a way to bless them with prosperity. Interesting traditions exist all over the world. In this article we focus on the Russian wedding beliefs and superstitions.¬†Russian weddings

1. May Weddings 

In the West, weddings usually take place in June since it is the nicest time weather wise – the flowers in full bloom, not too hot and not too cold. Just the perfect time. In Russia, any time of the year is acceptable other than May. It is considered to be a very unlucky month for weddings – they are seen as destined to fail. A theory says that the reason behind this interesting superstition is because the word May sounds like a word in Russian that translates into pain and suffering. It is like with Far East nations where the number 4 is seen as unlucky because it sounds too much like the word death.

2. Ring Handling

Russians believe that if either of the wedding rings is dropped during the ceremony then its a terrible omen. To them it means a ton of bad luck if this were to happen. That is why handling of the rings is so important during the event. It can be a bit of a nerve wrecking moment for both the bride and the groom. The bride isn’t supposed to touch the empty ring box after a ring has been put on her finger. Instead the box is handled by a bridesmaid who is yet to get married.

3. Master of the Home and the Head of the Family

A traditional Russian wedding involves going down to the Marriage Registry office for the official registering. There is a belief that whoever happens to step on the Registry office’s carpet or threshold will become the head of the family. Similarly to the English belief that whoever crosses the home’s threshold first, will be in charge at the home. To avoid any issues couples usually take the steps at the same time.

4. The Bridal Shoe

This is another fun superstition about the Russian weddings. It is believed that a brides shoe can’t have any “accidents” happening to it because that automatically spells bad luck for the newlyweds. There can be no breaking of the heel or the strap. Another superstition states that brides should put a coin into their left shoe because it will bring good luck. Men are also supposed to but some money into their shoes so when he takes the shoes off after the wedding the couples finances will be in order.

More Fun Facts

You can do more research into Russian weddings to find more fun facts about them and come back soon for more articles on the Russian dating culture.

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