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Stereotypes are fascinating since they can be true and they can also not be true. It is easy to see why people love to put labels on others Рfor easy access. Science says that we classify like this for better understanding. It is human nature to try to make sense of things. This article details 3 stereotypes about Serbian women: some true, and some not.

Stereotype no. 1: Serbians Party Too Much Serbian culture

There are plenty of countries in the world where alcohol consumption among the population is a huge issue. Drinking is a part of the Serbian culture where families make homemade liquor that is shared at parties and holidays. It is a strong drink because there is no quality control and it can easily knock the daylights out of you if you should try it. So Serbians do love drinking but you can’t say that they are heavy drinkers. There are always people that can hold their liquor better than others. It can’t be said that Serbian women drink too much. They party as much as anyone does in their country.

Stereotype no. 2 – Serbians are Womanizers

Womanizers can be found in every country in the world. There isn’t a larger concentration of them in Serbia. This stereotype still exists because the country was once under heavy Muslim rule. As you may know in the Muslim world the men can have several wives, if they can provide for them and raise the family well. In that culture men could cheat with no worries. That part of the Serbian history shouldn’t be generalized as it doesn’t extend to every man from that country. We classify this stereotype as debunked.

Stereotype no. 3 – Serbians are Overly Superstitious

Serbia has a long and great history. This country has been under several powerful regimes and their culture has picked up something from each of them. There are superstitions that characterize every nation – all different and fascinating. Serbia is no exception to that. Especially so since the country is very religious and religious nations have more superstitions than more atheist ones. In Serbia there are three major religions: Orthodox, Catholics and Muslims. They all have strong superstitions about what brings bad luck and they aren’t taken lightly. You as a foreigner should never make fun of them. Especially if you’re interested in dating Serbian women.

There is More

There are more stereotypes that revolve around the Serbian culture and these are only a few examples. You can do more research on your own and come back soon for more articles that introduce different cultures.

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