Understanding the Character of the Russian Girl You’re Dating

Dating a Russian girl? Tips to understand her better

Before getting involved with a beautiful Russian girl, there are many things to know about her character. One of the main things is that these girls have customs and beliefs which are very different from the Western culture. This is due to the country being isolated from the west over the years. Therefore it’s important to keep an open mind and try to understand your partner to assure her that you’re serious about welcoming her in your life. Keep in mind that just like her traditions seem strange to you, she will think the same about yours. It’s vital that you both make an effort to support each other and find out everything about each other’s beliefs as these are the things you’ll be building your family on. read more

How to Attract the Attention of Russian Beauties

Charm Russian beauties with these tips

Anyone who’s ever visited an online dating site will agree that there are thousands of Russian beauties looking for love and companionship online. While many men dive straight into contacting as many women as possible, some guys need some dating advice about how to leave a good impression on their potential online dates. There are some men who think that all they need to do is talk about their finances and wealth and a woman will instantly be interested, but in reality, it is a lot more complicated than that. In fact, there are plenty of other things that men could do to make themselves more attractive to the women they meet online. Below are a couple of tips for impressing gorgeous Russian ladies. read more

Dating a Foreign Woman? The Importance of Knowing Where She Comes From

Know the culture of the foreign woman you’re dating

If you are considering dating a foreign woman, there are a couple of things you should know in order to make her happy. The cultural background of a Russian or Ukrainian woman can differ from the American culture quite a lot and it’s important to be aware of these differences to get the maximum out of your dating experience. This article intends to examine the most common differences between eastern and western cultures and aims to offer some dating advise to help you win the heart of your favourite foreign girl. read more

The Importance of Knowing the Culture of Your Gorgeous Russian Lady

Dating a gorgeous Russian lady? Know her culture!

If you’re dating or thinking about dating a gorgeous Russian lady, there are specific things you should know about her and her culture to be able to keep her happy. Eastern and Western European cultures have numerous differences and what seems like a perfectly normal behaviour for an American man may be offending to a Russian woman. In order to help men understand the main differences between eastern and western cultures, we’ve put together a list with the most important things you should know. read more

How to Keep Your Hot Russian Woman Interested

Ways to keep a hot Russian woman interested

After browsing profiles of numerous single women on a dating website, perhaps you have met a hot Russian woman you’re really interested in. You’ve sent her a couple of letters and she answered you back, but then she disappeared and you haven’t heard from her for weeks.

Unfortunately, making one mistake could end a beautiful relationship before it has had a chance to grow. Worse yet, she could think that you’re a fool if you keep making the same error again and again. We’ve put together a number of suggestions on what to avoid if you want to win the heart of your favourite hot Russian woman. read more

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